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My friends never believed how I get fucked so often. I work as an assistant
system analyst to this sinking ship computer company. I rarely do any job or
assigned on one so most of the time, but fortunately, I have a computer in my
little office connected to a very fast internet connection. Most of the day I go
surfing around this Friend service looking for pussy depraved guys who I
could bring home at the end of the day to my apartment. This time it was a lot
different from my normal routines of getting fucked after my job. I responded
to this guy's personal ad & we'd chat about sexual fantasies. We talked about
crazy & weird sex positions that fantasies only can fulfill. Suddenly, he asked
me if he could come over the office so we could meet in person. I asked him inside my office so we could talk without being teased by my office mates who
kept asking who this guy was. I just turned around to close the door but soon
as I turned back, he was already topless, exposing his muscle built broad body.
His eyes teasing me & his manhood started to bring succulent electric shocks to
my womanhood. Exhibiting as easy to get bitch I was online, went closed to him
pressing my body against his, my firm tits brushing against his rugged breast. He
started to kiss my neck, then went on to lick the back parts of my ear as my left
hand started to caress & run through the length of his cock which was then very
hard & angry wanting to break through his undergarments & through his pants.
When I pulled his dick out of the pants, I couldnt even grip it within my palm! I
licked heavily around its head & alternately suck it very hard. I could say he is
in heavenly pleasure as he almost pop his eyes out in extacy. I couldnt contain
myself anymore, I slid my panty a bit & pointed his cock to the door of my love
hole. His cock, lubricated wholly with my slippery saliva, penetrated freely into
my pussy rubbing every flesh in of my pussy walls. I tried so hard to cover my
mouth to supress my moans as his ruggedly huge cock rubs with friction inside
my pusssy. We fucked in shockingly incredible positions in this tiny room for a
whole hour. I couldnt let his wad spit out & just be wasted, when he was about
to cum, I pulled his cock out & had the head inside my mouth as he jerks it in
pleasure. He flooded my mouthwalls with his cum that almost dripped out as it
cant be contained inside! It was the best fuck Ive ever had! It just gave me one
good reason to not leave this job afterall. I get paid & I can get fucked anytime!
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